Because we know you are just dying to know who are the creative minds behind these posts…

32403502_640Jon Conyers
is a hardcore non-profit survivalist, complete with his own falchion, limited edition Captain America commemorative shield, and canteen filled with bourbon. He has spent his career alternating between raising money for causes no one cares about and moving heavy objects around the office that no one wants to lift. He is proficient at offering praise to volunteers when none is due, listening to donors complain about things that by all rights they should have a handle on, and sharing the successes achieved with superiors that were preoccupied with their uber-important spa appointment instead of the 500 person Gala in two hours. Jon credits his desire to save the world one floundering nonprofit at a time on his poor childhood and blue-collar upbringing.  His mother, a juggling mime with a penchant for Kent 100s, and his father, a Pogo stick repairman who was often befuddled by “leftover parts,” taught him everything he knows about managing multiple relationships without gossiping in an industry that is intrinsically designed to break your neck. And, much like his 11th century namesake, Jon is dedicated to slaying the dragons, wyverns, and assorted jabberwockies that have held back nonprofit growth and impact because of a bloated sense of self-importance and a penchant for laying on piles of shiny objects.

Sarah sarahMurdock is a nonprofit warrior by day, mildly subversive, bourbon-loving suburban mom by night. Sarah does her best to raise two kind, fiercely independent and strong boys who will help seed her army. When possible, she enlists her female friends to join her in apocalypse training, and she keeps her Pennsylvania roots close, because you just never know. In her free time, Sarah systematically dismantles her career as a veteran fundraiser by raging against the nonprofit machine that no longer resembles why she started this work in the first place.


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